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Sand Etch Starter Kit

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Sand Etch Starter Kit includes a Range of  products to get you Started:

1.Badger Mini Sandblaster ETCHING & FROSTING" Abrasive Gun Kit

Model 260 Abrasive Sprayer with attached 4oz Jar. -8ft. air hose -1/4 BSP Thread fitting adaptor -12oz 220 grit Aluminum Oxide Abrasive -Face Mask

2. Mini Compressor :

Specification: •Type: Single Cylinder Piston Compressor with Air Tank •Power: 1/6HP •Voltage: 220-240V/50HZ •Electric Current:1A •Auto Stop/start •Air Output:23L/MIN •Safety Valve •Air tank: 3.0L •Pressure adjust •Fitting: Manometer; Pressure Regulator; Air filter •with connection 1/8 BSP plus: Air Tap & 1/8 - 1/4 reducing nipple. 




 3. Portable Sand Etching Booth To recycle your Abrasive Grit 

            Inflatable - Lightweight - Space Saving - Easy To Use!

Inflate 'A' Booth, quick and easy way to keep your work area clean and easily recycle your abrasive. Made from clear durable vinyl offers a completely visible work area.

4. Extra 1kg Abrasive & your Choice of Sand etch Stencil:


  1. Mask your Glass                                           2. Place in Booth


  3. Blast in Booth                                    4. Recycle your Grit


   5. Remove Stencil                                    6. Rinse Glass


  7. Finished Product                                  8. Now to Decorate


 9. Apply Rub'N'Buff                                10. Rub Off & Polish


 11. Tidy up Detail                                   12. All Done!


                  Please Note: Rub'N'Buff is not included with purchsase. 

              We have used Rub 'N' Buff to decorate glass as an example Only!  

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                        CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE RUB'N'BUFF    

                                Available in a variety of colours!