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High Detail: Rub N Etch  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS 

Rub 'n' Etch Stencils

These small, detailed rub-on stencils were designed for small glass etching projects such as stemware, table mirrors, cabinet doors, sun catchers, bottles and jars. When you combine these pre-cut, Rub ’N’ Etch stencils with our  Etching Cream you create the easiest, fun-filled way to create beautiful etched designs to permanently decorate and personalize your household glassware, windows, and mirrors. Each Rub ’N’ Etch stencil sheet is used once and measures 125mmx 200mm overall. Includes illustrated instructions and wood applicator stick. Important: Rub ’N’ Etch Stencils are to be used with Glass Etching Cream or paint only, not suitable for Sandblast


Easy to use - Reusable- self sticking

These flexable , multi-use stencils easily adhere to various shaped objects allowing you to Cream etch, sand etch or paint (waterbased) on glass, mirror, ceramics and other non porous surfaces to create beautiful designs.

Each stencil can be reused between 15-20 times depending on the amount of pressure, care of use, distance between the tip of the blasting gun and the stencil, and the type of abrasive (we recommend between 180-240 grit).

Designer Series 3 pack

Each Pack contains 3 high detail, themed Glass Etching Stencils that can be used individually
 or combined together offering customers more creative solutions for all their Glass Etching 
and Mirror Decorating Projects.
Each Pack contains 3 high detail, themed Glass Etching Stencils - Ease of Use - Elegant Detail

Peel and Etch Stencils  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

 These pre-cut adhesive backed vinyl stencils are perfect for mirror decorating,

 door glass accents and wood carvings. Designed for chemical etching,

 mirror removing, sandblasting, painting and staining of glass, mirror, tile, metal, granite and other non-porous surfaces.  Each stencil includes complete photo illustrated  instructions for a variety  of applications.