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163 Pce Kit - Multifunction Rotary Tool Plus


Kit Includes: Not all these bits will be usable for glass engraving. But they will be handy for other craft uses

1x 135W Bremen rotary tool, 22x Sanding bands, 1x Cloth wheel, 5x Felt wheels, 1x Felt tip, 1x Rubber Wheel, 6x HSS Twist drills, 2x Sanding Mandrels, 8x Diamond Wheel Points, 2x HSS Cutters, 10x Grinding Stones, 9x Brushes, 2x Polishing Compounds, 30x Heavy duty cut-off wheels, 36x Regular duty cut-off wheels, 4x Collets, 12x Grinding wheels, 1x Whet Stone, 3x Mandrels for cut-off wheels, 1x Mandrel for felt wheels, 1x Flap wheel, 5x Fibreglass cut-off wheels, 1x Spanner, 1x Flexible Shaft, 1x Spindle lock for flexi-shaft.


Specifications •8000-30000 RPM

•135W Motor

•240V - 50Hz


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