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21-1631 - ONO Irish sheet


Irish assortment: Clover, lucky horseshoe, pot o'gold & more

Use them in combination's to create one of a kind glassware. Geometric shaped drinking glasses are very popular. Why spend all that money for decorated glasses when you can do it yourself more economically.


Happy St Patricks Day: 1.25 "x 2.0"

Pot o gol d: 1.75 "x 1.0"

Crossed pipes: 1.25 "x 2.5"

Clovers:. 375 "x 2.5"

Luck o the Irish: 1.50 "x 4.12"

Clover: 1.255 "x 11.25"

Cup of ale: 2.0 "x 1.625"

Horse shoe: 1.25 "x 1.25"

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