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21-1645 - ONO Reverse Mr Mrs


Reverse Mr & Mrs:

This new Over N Over stencil sheet features a reverse etch..meaning that the background designs on the right of the sheet will be etched while the letters will be clear. Just follow the easy instructions below.


These ONO stencils can be used in combination with other stencil sheets from the same series. An easy and economical way to create one of a kind etched designs to decorate household glassware, and drinkware.


First: Place the templete design with the birds and heart onto a glass item.

Second: Place the letter or number of your choice in the center of the open area. Last name goes into top area and the date in the second open area. Use a tweezer, optional


Third: Place MR or MRS at the top

Etch according to the directions inside of your stencil package.


Letter/Number is .25" tall

Etched area templet eapprox: 2.5 x 2.5"

Mr or Mrs approx: 1.0" x 2"

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