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D.I.Y Starter Kit -etch.cut. 001


Kit Contents: No International shipping

6oz Etching paste

1 x Reusable A4 vinyl Stencil material -STM Yellow 110

1x   Reusable Stencil Material -STM- 200G

1 x A4 vinyl Stencil material - Yellow 70

3 x A4 reusable clear transfer paper.

1 x double ended- large & small nib marker pen

1 x cutting Knife with 5 spare blades

2 x picking tools

3 x  stencils

1 x pair of Etching gloves

Plus: Complete Instructions Book : covers every thing you need to know for successful glass etching.

Etching techniques, patterns, transferring and cutting stencil patterns. Step by step instructions on how to etch on any glass that you want to enhance with an elegant design, using acid cream or sandblasting techniques.


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