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Glass and Mirror Decorating Supplies - Combine Products to Create Unique items for Personal use, gifts or  for re-sale.

Whether you want to create a grand entrance to your home, or add a decorative accent to a vase, you will discover that glass etching can be a fun and fulfilling hobby.
Easy to master, even with intricate patterns, glass etching is an art form that can turn a piece of plain glass into a work of art.
Our products will enable you to create that special gift or household accent!

Beginner or experienced crafter can enjoy the fun of creating beautiful etched designs in less than 5 Min's!
Choose from easy to use detailed stencils, ranging from nautical themes and Art Nouveau to florals, butterflies and more. Or create your own with our informative practical guide books containing attractive and original designs, ideal for applying to dozens of   projects. 

                                                                                                                                         Wedding Custom or Stock Standard: Over N Over Stencils 









                  High Detail: Rub N Etch


Peel N Etch


 Sand Etch Laser cut


Durable, Long Lasting, Stencils made With Your Own Artwork, Designs, Logos or Trademarks. Wedding FavoursPersonalise your wedding gifts with our Custom made stencils, create unique  glassware, such as wine glasses, shot glasses, toasting champagne flutes, bud vases, martini glasses and more.

 Glass Engraving:   If you can trace a pattern, you can easily create elegant designs to decorate your favourite glassware.  Suitable for most age groups, only a few tools are required, and acceptable glass can be purchased locally with an assortment of shapes, sizes and colours available. nicely engraved glass looks beautiful as well as decorative and valuable.

  ARMOUR BOTTLE and JAR CUTTER : The perfect way to put the fun back into recycling all those glass bottles and jars that seem to accumulate around the house, while transforming them into useful items such as hanging planters, terrariums, bowls and candle holders. The Armour Bottle and Jar Cutter features an exclusive floating head design that allows you to cut bottles and jars of various shapes and sizes.

  Decal Paper : ( Ink Jet & Laser available ). Premium Water slide decal paper is easy to use and can be applied to most surfaces. Create your very own water slide decals, using your inkjet or Laser printer with water-slide decal paper.